How to Find and Manage Google Slides Add-ons

One of the questions that I received this week for Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions was a rather broad question of, “do you have any favorite Google Slides add-ons for high school students?” That’s kind of a hard question to answer without having more context of what you want students to accomplish in Google Slides. None-the-less my go-to recommendation is the Unsplash Google Slides add-on. It allows students to quickly find high-quality images that are in the public domain and insert those images into their slides with just one click. 

Answering that question got me thinking that I should make an updated tutorial on how to find and install Google Slides add-ons. So that’s what I did this morning. In this short video I demonstrate how to find Google Slides add-ons, how to install them, and how to remove them if you don’t like them. 

How to Find and Manage Google Slides Add-ons published first on

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