Hacking the Google Doc Header

Much like during distance learning I will be using one Google Doc for each class to serve as an interactive lesson plan.  This “view only” document will house not only all learning cycles, including student links, Padlet drop boxes, lab/activity templates, etc., but it will also be the location for links students will use constantly throughout the semester such as the course syllabus, periodic table, past quiz archives, reference videos, etc. 

Keeping the above in mind, because a Google Doc is not a website, what I am gaining in ease of editing and student interaction/access, I am losing in lack of access to organizational structures such as drop-down menus, tabs, etc. In order to bridge the gap between Google Docs and a traditional website, I will be including links that students will need to access regularly in the “Header”, which is repeated at the top of EVERY PAGE. A simple solution, yet very useful solution.

Click here for an example of an interactive Google Doc notebook for my upcoming chemistry class (note: this document is very much still a work in progress). Additionally, see screenshots below. 

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