Five Features of Canva Presentations You Might be Overlooking

Canva has become my go-to presentation design tool over the last few years. Even when I know that I’m going to end up giving my live presentations from PowerPoint or Google Slides, I still use Canva to design the presentation. In the last year Canva has added features that make it a serious rival to PowerPoint and Google Slides. In this short video I highlight my favorite “hidden” features of Canva that you might be overlooking. 

The features shown in the video are:

  • Polling an audience
  • Creating MP4 files
  • Publishing slides as a website
  • Collaborating on designs
  • Recording narrated presentations

Many more features of Canva are highlighted in this playlist of Canva tutorials. Some of the features in that playlist include creating timelines, design certificates, making greeting cards, and publishing comic strips.

Five Features of Canva Presentations You Might be Overlooking published first on

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