How to Change Camera and Microphone Access Settings in Chrome

On a fairly regular basis I get questions from readers that go something like this, “I’m trying to use Flipgrid but my camera won’t work. What can I do?” A variation on that question asks for help with a microphone. 

When you’re trying to use a website like Flipgrid, Vocaroo, GoSynth, or any other site that you want to use to record audio or video you need to grant access to your computer’s mic and camera. In Chrome you can do that in the privacy and security settings. You can access those settings by simply typing chrome://settings/privacy into your address bar. Then select “site settings” followed by “view permissions and data stored.” Then search for the site that you want to adjust your settings for. Those steps are outlined in this short video

An alternate way to access these settings is to click on the “lock” icon in your browser’s address bar while visiting the website on which you want to adjust camera and microphone settings. That option works the majority of the time, but not always.

This post originally appeared on If you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission. Sites that regularly steal my (Richard Byrne’s) work include CloudComputin, TodayHeadline, and 711Web.

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