Enable Audio and Video Captions on Any Page in Chrome

This week Google rolled-out the latest update to Chrome. In the latest version there is now support for automatic captioning of audio and video on any web page that you visit in the Chrome web browser. The captions will work whether or not the audio is played aloud. When enabled, captions will be displayed at the bottom of the page you are viewing. 

You can enable audio and video captioning in accessibility settings of the advanced section of Chrome settings. You can access the accessibility settings by entering chrome://settings/accessibility in the Chrome URL field or by opening the little “three dot” menu in the upper-right corner of Chrome and then choosing “settings.” In this short video I provide a demonstration of how to enable captions in Chrome and how captions appear on a page.  

Applications for Education
This is a great update for students and teaches two reasons. First, from an accessibility standpoint Chrome’s new captioning service makes more content accessible to more students than ever. Second, on those days when a student forgets his or her headphones and you plan to have students watch videos or listen to audio, they can still get the information without having to play the audio aloud. 

Enable Audio and Video Captions on Any Page in Chrome published first on https://youreduio.tumblr.com/

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