5E Inquiry Cycle Example (Distance Learning Version)

Class: Freshman Biology
Topic: The Cell Cycle 

1. Engage (Hero is Called to Adventure)
While entering the Zoom room this video was played on loop. Students then worked to solve this medical case study in randomized Zoom breakout rooms. (correct diagnosis = pancreatic cancer). The goal if this phase was to engage students in the process of cell division and create an information gap about cell division specifics that could be closed later in the learning cycle. 
2. Explore (Hero Challenged)
Solution to case study was revealed using this video. Working individually, with Zoom room open for individual help as needed, students then worked through this POGIL activity on the Cell Cycle recording answers here. The goal of this phase was to provide specifics about cell division to add content and context to the case study. Slowly filling in the information gap. 
3. Explain (Hero Meet the Mentor) 
Solutions to POGIL activity are provided here. Students engage in informal discussion in randomized Zoom breakout rooms followed by responsive classroom discussion about correct and incorrect answers are provided via whole-class  Zoom. The goal of this phase is to “trick” students into engaging in direct instruction guided by their desire to fill the information gap. 
4. Extend (Hero is Transformed) 
Students are placed into randomized Zoom breakout rooms and instructed to have a conversation based on this prompt without looking online for solutions: “Cancer of the heart tissue is very rare. Why do you think this is?” After returning to whole-class Zoom, this video is pushed out to students in chat to close the new information gap. 
5. Evaluate (Hero is Returns Home to be Judged) 
Students are challenged to create a presentation about a cancer of their choice. The presentation must include reference to, and diagrams of the cell cycle, specifically tumor suppressor and/or oncogene mutations that contribute. Students are also challenged to identify gaps in current treatment and propose their own innovative treatment. The goal of this phase is to force reflection on the content revealed in the learning cycle and promote inductive reasoning about cancer treatment. 

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