More Distance Learning Hands-On Experimenting

Continuing with my goal of bringing more SUSTAINABLE and ACCESSIBLE hands-on labs to the distance learning setting, below is another summary of the activity that was used to follow up the one described here. I hope you find it useful in your own planning for those of you that are still 100% distance. 

Step 1: Play this video for students to watch individually. Video is edited to strategically withhold the ending. 

Step 2: Challenge students to complete the experimental setup and post videos of conclusions on the Padlet board  here.  See screenshot of portion of Padlet board below.  Students were given the below instructions:

When you are ready, prop your camera over the dish (with help from a family member or holding with your other hand) record a video of you completing the experiment shown in the above video. Note: if you want to do it more than once, you need to rinse all soap out and start over.

Step 3: Students viewed and commented on one another’s work. 

Step 4: Students hypothesized, in Zoom breakouts: Why, on a molecular level, the soap-water combination forces the pepper to the side of the dish.

Step 5: Students then repeated the above steps with this similar video edited to end prior to the experimental reveal. Video conclusions were posted here. See screenshot of portion of Padlet board below: 

Step 6: Students viewed this reveal video followed by a group discussion/lecture to fill in missing gaps and relate back to previous instruction.

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